HSE (Health Safety Environment)

At SSGC LPG Limited (SLL),  we continue to work with the strategy of zero tolerance for non-compliance in HSSE throughout the supply chain.

In this Fiscal year, like in the past many years, SLL’s main focus remained on HSSE. At all levels, HSSE is being managed as any other critical business activity. The management of SLL demonstrates strong, visible leadership and commitment by allocating sufficient resources to operate and maintain their HSSE Management system and by example in their personal action and behaviors. They ensure that all HSSE policies are properly observed by providing support and resources for actions taken to operate safely and to protect health and the environment and to exert a positive influence on the HSSE management of controllers as they play a major role in achieving a high level  HSSE performance.To cultivate and to promote a HSSE culture and awareness among its stakeholders, the Company plans to take initiatives like safety campaigns planned all across Pakistan. The main focus of the campaign is “Doing the Right Things” even when no one is watching, to promote a culture of compliance with laws standard and procedures. The management continues to review security conditions and takes adequate measures to secure assets and lives of the people associated with the Company. At SLL, we are committed to the following HSSE Strategic Objectives that contribute to our excellent HSSE performance and maintain the no incident / accident approach.

  1. Ensuring HSSE at all levels of the organization.
  2. HSSE to be treated as a critical business activity.
  3. Strict focus on no accident / incident approach.
  4. Pursue the goal of no harm to people.
  5. Product stewardship throughout the supply chain.
  6. Move to and sustain a strong HSSE culture.
  7. Competence Development for all HSSE Critical Staff.

SLL’s representatives are in contact with various authorities to help develop policies and standard that will raise the HSSE standards thus benefiting the industry and the people of this country.